Are you a professional in the drugs field? Joining the European Action on Drugs gives your work a European dimension and visibility.

Do you want to engage and make a difference as an individual? You too can join in and help bring about change.

The EAD can become your ‘platform’ for communicating and exchanging best practice, as well as a lively network of different people and organisations aiming to achieve the same result.

Your pledge will be given high visibility throughout the EU and will have a European dimension through its direct linkage to the European Action on Drugs campaign. Pledges are the core of the promotional campaign!

Signatories’ pledges and experiences in European Action on Drugs are made accessible to the public via this website so that others may be inspired to carry out similar and innovative actions.


What will the European Commission do for you? Although it will not be able to finance your commitment, the Commission will support you in your personal actions by providing you with tools for your campaign.
From the moment you sign, you will be part of the European Action on Drugs. You can use the logo and the promotional material and you will be able to participate in a broad range of network activities, such as award events, in your own country or at European level. You will also directly receive regular updates from the Commission and a special newsletter.
The European Action on Drugs offers recognition to the bodies/organisations that have signed up, and also makes the drug-related actions they wish to carry out more visible throughout Europe.