The European Action on Drugs is open to European organisations, bodies and citizens willing to take responsibility for tackling the serious drugs problem in the European Union.

Signing the European Action on Drugs represents a real commitment to engage in practical action, such as: raising awareness of illegal drugs and the dangers of abusing them; highlighting the potentially devastating economic and social consequences of misusing drugs, especially among young people; and preventing drugs abuse and helping to reduce associated risks. A commitment can also relate to a responsible attitude towards legal substances such as alcohol and prescription medicines.

By signing the European Action on Drugs you commit to assuming your share of responsibility in helping to create awareness around the issue of drugs. Your commitment should be simple, concrete and measurable. For example, you can hand out leaflets containing drug-related information, talk about the issue to friends, family and colleagues, organise a dedicated workshop, sponsor drug studies or help with a national drugs awareness-raising campaign.


Whatever it is, your action will also directly contribute to implementing the EU Action Plan on Drugs (with which it should be in line), increase awareness of drugs in society and open up a wider debate, and encourage the exchange of best practice among European experts in this field.
Your next step is to fill in an Application Form and sign a Pledge, made up of general principles, plus a blank space where you have to describe your personal commitment and action. Please note that only your commitment is binding for you!