Through its EU Drugs Action Plan for 2009-2012, the European Union aims to provide a strong, coordinated and balanced answer to a growing problem that affects European society as a whole.

Through the European Action on Drugs the European CommissionDirectorate-General for Justice, Freedom and Security, invites national and local authorities, institutions, state bodies, regions, municipalities, educational institutions and schools, research institutes, media and public services, associations and NGOs, companies of all sizes, individuals, etc. to make a concrete commitment.

Report News European Action on Drugs Lisbon 2011

Alongside the various drugs policies and schemes run in the Member States, the European Action on Drugs will serve as a new tool for everyone in the European Union – whatever their organisation, approach, national policy or attitude towards drugs.

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The European Commission plays an important role in this joint effort to reduce drug-related problems in EU society. It is keen to stimulate dialogue so that all stakeholders can share their experiences and help each other in their shared goal of increasing awareness about drugs among young people.